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Address: Tatlısu, Arif Ay Sokaǧi No:3B, 34774 Ümraniye/İstanbul

Phone: 0549 511 11 32

aljaz tajnsekaljaz tajnsek
19:09 15 Jan 22
I did a lot of research before I decided which clinic to pick up for my hair transplantation. I was really satisfied with the communication from the start to the end. When I came to Istanbul airport, everything was very organized, from transport to procedure. The staff were polite and friendly. Even after my transplantation, they cared for me and contacted me twice in 10 days to see how everything was going. If you're looking for new hair, I highly recommend this clinic;).
Harri TuckerHarri Tucker
22:56 04 Jan 22
My experience was very good and I couldn’t recommend it highly enough. The procedure went better then I thought and the aftercare is very good. From the moment you walk in you feel welcomed and the staff are really friendly. Wouldn’t hesitate to go back (if I needed to!)
Kasper FiscellaKasper Fiscella
07:20 31 Dec 21
I was received and cared for in the most professional manner! I lacked for nothing and felt as if I could rely thoroughly on the staff, management, and my patient manager Ece for any eventuality. Superb service. Furthermore, the price was excellently set for the quality of the procedure and the results that I can see thus far!
09:10 18 Dec 21
Amazing experience! Very professional from the beginning, starting with the first contact with case manager Mattia, until to the last person from the staff(from the doctors to regular employees). I chose a premium package and I can tell that is a reasonable price and I strongly recommend. Since I arrived to the clinic everything went smoothly with the entire process and people were very nice and at some point I feel they are my sisters and brothers. They explain everything and if is something extra to be preformed during the process, they will not charge you. The conditions were like in Denmark if not better, because Turkish people are very well known for the hospitality and friendly behavior and that is out of discussion in Denmark 🇩🇰. Thank you very much Smile Hair Clinic and you can count on me as a true ambassador for you!
Stefan OrdoghStefan Ordogh
18:46 24 Nov 21
Second treatment had in November 21 and again, amazing from start to finish, staff. Surgeons. Organisation was amazing they even let me bring my partner for no extra cost for support. Could not recommend these enough.Had treatment in September 20. Really made everything so easy for me, so helpful and kind and treated me incredibly well, I even had my own driver taking me everywhere, I was well fed. The hotel was brilliant. And on top of this my treatment worked really well. The difference in 6 months is massive, I’ll be returning for treatment 100 percent and would recommend this to anyone thinking about it. I have my confidence back, you can’t put a price on that. And the price paid to the clinic is a very good one. 10/10, 5 stars.