People always wonder is hair transplant in Turkey safe. Although Turkey is perceived as an insecure country due to the security reasons it has experienced in recent years, but there has been no security problem for the last 6 years. On the other hand, while hair transplantation is performed by technicians in most countries, this procedure is performed by doctors in Turkey. You are extremely safe if you have a hair transplant with an ISHRS member doctor.

Approximately $1 per graft. $2,500 for 2,500 grafts. Daily hotel and food costs are ~ $100. So, you can get your hair transplant surgery in Turkey for $3000 avarage.

One of the reasons why it is cheap to have a hair transplant in Turkey and travel is that the exchange rate in the country has increased in recent years. While hair transplantation costs 10.000 TL in Turkish lira, it is cheaper in dollars or euros.

First you should research a lot for clinics or doctors. See results of patients who have already undergone surgery with the professional in question. You should also ask whether the doctor who will perform the surgery is a member of ISHRS. You can read our article to choose the right clinic.

No, males and females are both have different balding patterns, both can opt for a hair transplant.

Hair transplant surgeries cant prevent further hair loss. You can prevent hair loss with medical treatments after your hair transplant surgery.

No, if hair transplant done with another persons follicles, your body would reject the foreign hair.

Hair transplants done under a local anesthesia. No pain is felt during the surgery. 

Washing the hair does not affect the growth of the newly planted hair. But to avoid infections, you need to keep your hair clean by washing it.

Actualy, everyone could not a right candidate for hair transplant. Dermatologist should detemine whether patience is a right candidate or not. It’s depending on patiences age, hair density, donor area.

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