About Us

In recent years, very easy and permanent solutions have started to be produced for men and women who have been suffering from hair loss for years.
Hair implants started to give people a whole new life and became very popular. Certain countries have become leaders in hair transplantation industry and people started looking for the best country for hair transplant and Turkey has become one of them. With Turkey’s success and reputation in the health sector, it hosts 300,000 foreign patients a year, they come for health tourism and most of them are satisfied.

The most difficult things for people who want to have a hair transplant in a foreign country are to find a safe clinic, have a permanent hair transplant with a certified doctor, get the reviews of the patients, plan accommodation and travel, and learn about the country they will visit.

We are here to help people who want to have their hair transplant surgery in Turkey. You can find in this website;

  • Best certified hair transplant clinics recommendations for a safe and permanent hair transplant in Turkey,
  • Detailed information about hair transplantation to choose the right procedure with the right techniques,
  • Which one should you choose between DHI or FUE or FUT techniques,
  • Suggestions for finding the best places to visit when you come to Turkey.
  • You can also get offers for hair transplant packages at discounted prices.
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