Can Hair Transplantation Be Done on Grey Hair?

It is a common question : Can gray hair be transplanted? Hair transplantation for grey-haired people is done by transplanting hair follicles from the donor area to the balding areas. Although grey hair is considered to be pigmented or weaker, this is not the case according to statistics. There is no significant difference between hair colors during hair transplantation.

How is hair transplantation done if the hair in the donor area is grey and the hair in the front is black?

In such cases, the surgery is planned according to the aesthetic perception of the person. If your hair is partly black and partly grey, it is important that an experienced doctor performs the operation in order to avoid color mismatch. If the hair taken from the donor area is grey, it will grow as grey in the place where it is transplanted. Therefore, making the hair color distribution aesthetically correct is the most important point of this process.

Incompatibility of hair color is a common problem during hair transplantation in people with different hair colors. If the graft distribution is done carefully, the result will be magnificent. Even if hair whitening is seen after hair transplantation, the results will be natural.

Can Hair Be Dyed After Hair Transplantation?

You can dye your hair after a certain period of time after hair transplantation. Your hair transplanted with a hair transplant is no different from your old hair.

When is the hair dyed after a hair transplant?

After the hair transplant surgery, it should be waited until the scalp heals. You can dye your hair 2-3 months after your hair transplantation.

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