Can hair transplant be done from someone else’s hair follicles?

Hair transplant from someone else hair? Is that possible?

A subject that is wondered by many people who do not have hair and are not suitable for hair transplantation is whether it can be done from someone else’s hair.

Like all organs, hair can be transplanted by taking roots from someone else, but there is a very serious problem here. The organs transplanted until today are mostly vital organs. it’s worth it. It is logical and impractical to bear these side effects and these costs after hair transplantation, because hair loss is not a vital problem, so it is not possible to do it in practice, even if hair transplantation is technically done from someone else.

The only situation where hair transplantation from two different people is possible is twins, of which only identical twins.

If hair or scalp transplants could be done simply from different people, almost all of the people put in the tomb would be buried bald. 🙂