Interview with Mr. Kostic – Hair Transplant in Turkey Reviews

One of the things that people who wants to have a hair transplant in Turkey are most curious about is the reviews of the patients who had a hair transplant in Turkey before. That’s why we asked patients if they were satisfied with Turkey, is hair transplant in Turkey safe? How to choose hair transplant clinic in Turkey? How much hair transplant in turkey 

We ask for reviews of Mr. Kostic from Italy, who had a hair transplant in Turkey, about his hair transplant surgery and Turkey travel.

Hi Mr. Kostic, How did you find your a hair transplant clinic? How was your travel? Could you tell about your all experience? Would you recommend going to Turkey for hair transplant surgery?

Hello, I found hair transplant clinic Turkey on google, because I saw excellent results on that clinic. I was travelled with airplane and there was an driver waiting for me in airport to transport to hotel. I was stayed in Istanbul 3 days. After hair transplant surgery, for 12 months, the doctors talked to me always when I had questions for them. This is my result after 12 months;

How hairs looks like after hair transplant surgery

If you want to have a hair transplant in a safe and experienced clinic in Turkey and visit the magnificent history of Istanbul, you can get an offer by clicking here.

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