How Much Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey?

Did you know that hair transplant cost in Turkey are very cheap? Also Turkey is a world leading country for males and females who wish to get Hair Transplantation. So lets check how much hair transplant cost in Turkey.

At EU and the US, the range is between $7,000-$25,000 for the FUE method.

In Turkey;

Approximately $1 per graft. $2,500 for 2,500 grafts. Daily hotel and food costs are ~ $100. So, you can get your hair transplant surgery in Turkey for $3000 avarage.

The whole procedure (hair transplant cost, transportation, hotel fee and other things) costs between $2000 – $7,000 depending number of grafts needed, the method, the clinic and the surgeon.

So you can choose Turkey for your hair transplantation to save your money.

According to the package you choose, when you arrive at the airport, a driver will wait for you to take you to the hotel. On your hair transplant day, he picks you up from the hotel and brings you to the clinic. In this process, you can visit the magnificent historical places of Istanbul and enjoy Turkey. When your visit to Turkey is completed, you will be taken to the airport by the driver again.

If you consider about travelling Turkey, submit the form here and get an information.

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